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CSS Hover Shadow Effect

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Whenever I visit Chris Coyier’s CSS Tricks website, I will always move my mouse over some images links to see the solid detail of the hover shadow effect. And that kind of tiny online activity can really impress someone like me and make me stay a while longer.

I thought of doing the same with my own future blog and with that in mind, I googled the web for answers and I found a very elaborate post on how to achieve the hover shadow effect on images links, that is img a, using CSS3.

You can either set this css as part of your global or utility rules but that only applies if you have standardizes all images links to be under no unique css on their own.

If you have images links that have their own set of css, then you can specify and target which class or id of that image link to achieve the hover shadow effect.

I will surely come back to this post and update my creation.


Written by Yahya Ayob

April 10, 2010 at 5:18 am

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